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About Me


I found theatre a little later in life than many.

I was a sophomore at San Diego State before I ever even read a play.  I was studying kinesiology, emphasizing in pre-physical therapy with thoughts of becoming an orthopedic surgeon. 

One day, I was literally dragged off the street and put on stage.

I went from having never read a play to being cast in one. And I never looked back. I changed my major before the show closed.

I also decided to adopt healthy lifestyles habits.  I dropped 160 pounds, because no leading man weighs 430.  Theatre literally saved my life.

Playing Charles the wrestler in Shakespeare's As You Like It at the Blackfriar's Playhouse.

During three years as a theatre major at SDSU, I appeared in close to a dozen shows.  I loved the challenge that acting presented.  For as long as I could remember, I was an avid reader and had a great memory, two qualities that allowed me to excel in an education system largely based on reading comprehension and memory.  Theatre, however, was different.

It made me learn about myself.


My graduation from Mary Baldwin College's MFA in Shakespeare and Renaissance Literature in Performance.


Upon graduating from SDSU, I enrolled in Mary Baldwin College's MLitt/MFA Program in Shakespeare in Performance, seeking to earn an MFA in acting.

During my time at MBC, I learned that I loved the process of rehearsal and the community developed in the rehearsal space, but I did not love performing the same show day in and day out for weeks.  Luckily, I also learned that I had a talent for theatre scholarship and dramaturgy.

Upon graduation, I was accepted to pursue a Ph.D. in Theatre History, Theory, and Criticism at UC San Diego. During my time at UCSD, I got my first experience teaching theatre.  I also served as a UC Humanities Research Institute Fellow and worked as a dramaturg on department productions as well as at San Diego Repertory Theatre and the La Jolla Playhouse.

With my wife Steph at my graduation from UCSD. Check out those boss robes.

After graduating from UCSD, I accepted a position at Central Washington University, which led to my current position as the Head of the Theatre Studies MA at the University of Houston.

I am an avid enthusiast of bourbon, dark beers, Lego, and cooking.  I am also a bit of a workout fanatic, and lift weights, run, and practice yoga.  I am a sports fan, both watching and playing.

gladiator 015.JPG

Running the Gladiator Challenge, 2012.


I also am married, and am father to a lazy, giant cat named Mr. Beasley, endearingly referred to as Poop.

Mr. Beasley, AKA Poop, at rest.

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