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By Suzan-Lori Parks

Derrick Moore as Lincoln

Yao Dogbe as Booth

Scenic Design by Megan Holden

Lighting Design by Addie Pawlick

Costume Design by Victoria Nicolette Gist

Photos by Pin Lim, Forest Photography.

One of the Houston Chronicle's "Ten Best Theatre Productions of 2017."

"...the UH production [of Topdog/Underdog], which stars Yao Dogbe as Booth and Derrick Moore as Lincoln, sets a standard that much of Houston theater struggles to meet."

Wei-Huan Chen, Houston Chronicle

"Parks’s script is strong, leaving only the question of what a production will do with it. Here, the answer is a lot. In the hands of director Matthieu Chapman, Topdog/Underdog is pretty darn good...It would take more than one viewing (and a lot of thinking) to understand all that there is in this play...But Topdog/Underdog is worth it, as is UH’s production of it."

Natalie de la Garza, Houston Press

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