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American Shakespeare Center: Dr. Ralph Presents "Then You Must Speak"

"False Memories of Timeless Whiteness" with Dr. Matthieu Chapman, an educator, scholar, theorist, director, and dramaturg. Join us for a conversation about "how our current understandings of the world influence how we remember and misremember white history and whiteness in history."

ASTR Field Conversation: Creating Inclusive Syllabi

Coordinated by Daphnie Sicre, Loyola Marymount University
and Eric Mayer-Garcia, Indiana University

Panelists present practical steps for creating inclusive syllabi informed by recent conversations on antiracism and decolonizing the canon. The panelists, from a mix of rank and teaching positions at private and public institutions, speak to the topic as it applies to a variety of courses (intro to theatre, theatre history, design, stage management, acting).

Equality Shakespeare Roundtable: Shakespeare, Race, and Social Justice

The online Shakespeare Beyond Borders Alliance Equality Shakespeare Festival ran as a series of online events throughout May and June 2022.

The Festival brought together theatre practitioners, film-makers, ‘applied theatre’ specialists, academics, actors, poets, life-writers, translators, and arts organisations to discuss, celebrate and explore the ways in which Shakespeare can be used to further equality, social justice, inclusivity, diversity and international collaboration.

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